The Blue Pixel Graphics logo is not only a logo it is a representation of my business. It gives an identity to my business. There are various elements of the logo that represent different things such as: the word 'blue' and the fact that it is the color blue is representative of me, blue being my favorite color; the word 'pixel' is representative of the fact that when dealing with print and web design I deal with dots or pixels that compile the image(s). With the blue square above the 'i' it really puts an emphasis on the fact the graphic design deals with pixels per inch and dots per inch. Making the square blue gives a cohesiveness to the logo.

The point I am making with the explanation of the Blue Pixel Graphics logo is that a logo should mean something. It should give a prospective client a bit of a clue of what the company does. Whether this is done by using words in the logo or imagery could be dependent on the choice of the company and could also depend on the nature of the business of the company. In the Blue Pixel logo it might have been difficult to get an initial impression of what kind of company Blue Pixel is if it did not have the word 'Graphics'. The word graphics also helps to identify what the blue square is representative of.. that of a pixel or dot. 

Society is inundated with logos of all forms. We can identify companies just by looking at the logo. The logos shown below are excellent examples of easy identification even though no words are used in the logo:

 Apple, Inc.





We have grown accustomed to seeing these logos and being able to tell what company they are associated with. For this easy identification to work for the company for years and still be modern enough for the changing times, there must be some consistency. I once worked for a company where in the 6 years I was employed there the logo drastically changed at least 5 times. The change was not small either, it was a total makeover. As the designer for the company I tried to discourage them from this practice but they insisted on the change each time, and to keep my job I did as instructed. Why is this bad? Well, if the logo keeps changing how are customers going to be able to put an identity with the company and be able to identify it when they see it.

As I mentioned previously, making subtle changes is fine as long there is still an identifiable factor with the logo so that it can still be identified as the same company. Apple, Inc. has done a good job of achieving this updating and modernization of their logo throughout the years and yet we can still identify it as Apple, Inc. as seen below.





Consistency is a key in keeping the identification easy. Unless the company is going through a major overhaul and a new logo is needed, why change the key elements of the logo, just update it. 

So when thinking of what kind of logo you want to represent your company, think into the future. Consider how you can update your logo to keep up with the times and still maintain your identity in the consumer world and yet stand out at the same time.