About four years ago I participated on a committee to bring the International Space Development Conference to Huntsville, Alabama. The committee planned and managed the conference which turned out to be a success. In this blog posting by the conference chair he talks about the experience he had and the things he learned from the event. Be sure to notice yours truly mentioned in the blog. 

Tech Writing and Event Management

Websites have come a long way since the early days. No more is there the need for creating animated GIFs or some flashy interesting graphics. Sites used to rely on tables to keep things aligned on the website. Tables were the way to go.. along with HTML. Add to that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) this was the way it was done..no questions.

The Blue Pixel Graphics logo is not only a logo it is a representation of my business. It gives an identity to my business. There are various elements of the logo that represent different things such as: the word 'blue' and the fact that it is the color blue is representative of me, blue being my favorite color; the word 'pixel' is representative of the fact that when dealing with print and web design I deal with dots or pixels that compile the image(s). With the blue square above the 'i' it really puts an emphasis on the fact the graphic design deals with pixels per inch and dots per inch. Making the square blue gives a cohesiveness to the logo.

Admit it... at one time or another you have used Microsoft Word to create a brochure. You thought you needed a brochure and then you thought "I have Word, I can create a brochure using a template." Yes, Word does have templates for creating brochures, as well as many other types of documents. But if your final goal is to have the brochure printed by a professional printing company Word is not the best choice for creating your brochure and below you will see some reasons why.

When was the last time you saw someone carrying around a camera to take photos? Lately we are all in the routine of using our smartphones to take photos because it's convenient. We already have the phone with a camera built in, why do I need to carry something else too? Yes, having that smartphone with the camera is convenient and most of the time it takes decent photos which can be used for many things. Here in lies the quandary of what type of image is appropriate for your needs. Below is a review of the types of images available and what the best use for that type of image is.